Posted by: cempakabiru | March 5, 2008

Wall@notice board

P/s Jika nak tengok caption halakan anak panah pada slide

NILAI – The misused of wall as notice board in Camellia Residential College (KKCC) made some students complained.

Norzaimah Zainudin, 20, said that every thing have their own functions.

“As far as my eyes can see, students like to patch notice or poster on the wall along the block’s stairs.

“May be they think that place is very strategic and everybody can see the message but notice board also was placed at suitable place. Any students who pass the stairs also can read the massage on the notice boar,” said Norzaimah.

President of KKCC’s Committee, Alya Kamarudin, 23, said that there are no reasons to stick notice or poster on the wall.

“Actually the management of KKCC had prepared a big notice board for each block but students still using the wall to display their notice or poster,” she said.

Liyana Izyan Jamil, 23, complained that some notice and poster on the wall are out of date.

“We do not know who is responsible for this problem either students who had patched the notice or management of KKCC that did not discard the expired notice,” said Liyana.

For Nurul Izati Yahya, 19, all students should alert to their surrounding to make life easier and not give trouble to others.

“This situation is a bad sign of USIM’s students even though USIM had launched   The Integrity Campaign before,” she sighed.



  1. ish..ish.. teruknya diorang ni.. kat Univ saya xda pun macam ni tau. diorang cume tampal-tampal kat pintu hostel jek. hehe

  2. Your slide quite interesting but your news font is small…

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